Era Peel

Aging is unavoidable, but aging can most definitely slow down with the right tools and treatments added to your skincare regimen. Introducing EraPeel, the minimal downtime laser treatment ready to improve skin quality while enhancing your skin's natural beauty. EraPeel as your confidante and your antiaging warrior.

As the skin ages, pores begin to enlarge, crow’s feet become more visible, brown spots appear, and deep wrinkles intensify and the overall quality of the skin declines. EraPeel provides a new solution for regaining your aging skin’s elasticity and tone. Without the need for surgery, you can improve your skin’s overall quality, eliminate the visible signs of aging and improve skin quality with minimal downtime.

What is EraPeel?

Restore your skin back to its youth by reducing the problematic signs of aging. By using a customizable form of treatment, individuals are able to directly address personal problem areas. Even those who are seeking to prevent signs of aging for as long as possible can use the EraPeel to do so. The Era Peel uses patented 300 Microsecond Technology to precisely addressing concerns with profound results. Additionally, the use of EraPeel requires little downtime, something the traditional lasers could not offer.

How does EraPeel work?

EraPeel replenishes the skin’s outermost layers, more commonly known as the epidermis. Laser energy penetrates the skin to gently vaporize and remove the superficial layers of the epidermis. This stimulates new epidermal growth while also massaging collagen deeper in the dermis. This helps regain a smooth, evenly toned appearance.

Is there downtime?

Downtime is dependent on how deep the ablation is done during the treatment. For example, individuals who are seeking deep wrinkle elimination and sun damage reduction, a more ablative treatment is required which results in longer downtime required.

Different Applications

EraPeel provides the premium solution for eliminating visible signs of aging on the face, neck, chest, and hands.

Common Treatments Include:

Wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, brown spots or patches, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and texture, scars, acne scars, skin tags, and lesions

What Treatment is Right for You?

For those seeking to reduce pore size and clear their complexion, a less abrasive treatment is needed which requires minimal downtime.

1. Refresh

For those seeking treatments with little to no downtime, the EraPeel is a perfect solution since it can refresh the superficial layer of the skin for a smooth, glowing appearance. Individuals who want to refresh their skin often aim to reduce pore size and fix their complexion. It is often recommended that individuals receive more than one Refresh treatment for optimal results.

2. Reveal

Reveal treatments are great for those who want to eliminate sun damage, reduce browns spots or patches, and erase fine lines. The EraPeel will gently vaporize the skin’s most outer layer to reveal the youthful glow of the underlying skin. This treatment is optimal for those who have more progressive signs of aging and do not mind a little downtime.

3. Renew

For the individuals with progressive signs of aging and don’t mind a little downtime, the EraPeel Renew treatment is superb. Renew uses a deep penetrating laser to completely renew the skin’s epidermal tissue. By doing so, the individual will see a dramatic improvement with their deep wrinkles, extensive sun damage, brown spots or patches, and acne scars.

Consult with your laser provider to see which treatment is right for you.

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